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Aura Form - Vesica Pisces (CD, Album)

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  1. Mikajar says:
    Jun 21,  · If ever an album would cause confusion in one’s mind, ‘Vesica Piscis’ is that album, the highly anticipated follow up to The Odious’ late-December debut album ‘Joint Ventures’. You cannot pin this down to a single genre, no chance. First single from the album ‘Repugnant‘ which follows intro ‘Scape‘, ebbs and flows between thrash, grunge and some super funky riffing.
  2. Zulkigrel says:
    Vesica Pisces and the orbs of Heaven and Earth It is the asteroid DD4 that tells us that the Son of God (Horus, Columba, Dove, etc.) is being delivered from the womb of the Cosmic Mother. The delivery occurs as the intersections of the circle of the ecliptic and the galactic plane coincide with the solstice seasons on earth.
  3. Mezijar says:
    Mar 12, - The Sacred Womb. See more ideas about Sacred, Sacred geometry, Geometry pins.
  4. Mazujora says:
    This CD, VESICA PISCES, is an amazing collaboration between prominent artists from overseas and from Japan, that joined with SUGIZO on these remixes. This collaboration was formed with the VESICA PISCES philosophy in mind as SUGIZO`s mind created the forum for all of these artist to come together and fuse into the beauty that this CD expresses.
  5. Tonos says:
    Vesica Piscis has released 4 albums by the name of "Imaginary Film Soundtrack", respectively called Imaginary Film Soundtrack #1, IFS#2, IFS#3 and IFS#4. The Imaginary films albums are very abstract, ambient, experimental releases, projecting unique feelings, both disturbing and tranquil. Elmooht writes.
  6. Telrajas says:
    Album art has had a rough go of late. Big vinyl cover art got reduced to little CD cover art which got reduced to pixels on a screen. Fortunately, bands continue to do great things with those pixels, as attested to by The 25 Best Album Covers of pins.
  7. Mozilkree says:
    The Vesica Piscis itself is a historically ubiquitous symbol, appearing in ancient and contemporary contexts alike. Over the millennia, it has been utilized by many cultures/religions, putting its.
  8. Zucage says:
    Apr 14, - Explore mac_allan's board "Vesica Piscis" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sacred geometry, Sacred feminine, Divine feminine pins.

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