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Star Children

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  1. Migor says:
    Our message is simple - but it requires of you, our elder brothers and sisters, to make a deep shift in your way of thinking, feeling and living. We want you to realize that we, the Star children, have been coming to your planet in waves of incarnation since the s.
  2. Migor says:
    Star children are children who have been sent here from all areas of the Universe to help the earth and the people on it. They possess psychic, spiritual, and other extra sensory abilities. These children will bring peace, topple corrupt systems, and shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come.
  3. Zolora says:
    Sep 17,  · Star children are the kids with some EHF (Extra Human Functions), which an average child does not have. These are believed to be the result of some genetic changes or some relations with the beings beyond Earth. It is noted that the population of these star kids is booming. Previously there were few examples, but now there are many.
  4. Shajind says:
    THE STARCHILD SKULL is a year old bone skull found in Mexico in the s. It is human like, but the bone has features so unusual that some experts, including Dr. T.J Robinson, do not think it is human.
  5. Meztikree says:
    Star children are children that come into this world seemingly wise beyond their years. They are full of compassion for all entities in the world and may have a particular connection with animals, plants and Mother Nature. These children do all that they can to bring the energy of peace and love to the world.
  6. Akijar says:
    The Crystal children are only able to lay down that foundation because the Indigo children have already forged the path and broken down all of the old barriers. They are all-important and have to come in this sequence to accomplish their nvaralnonunozireeronebedelo.coinfows are highly sensitive, loving, forgiving, and magical like the Crystal children.
  7. Nikonos says:
    Sep 19,  · Star children tend to be outliers, they are leading edge. They push the boundaries of acceptability that were laid down by previous generations. Eventually, their traits and characteristics become the norm. Then the next waves arrives and the boundaries are smashed nvaralnonunozireeronebedelo.coinfos:
  8. Mezigal says:
    Star Children (星の子 Hoshi no Ko) are stellar beings bred by God's Gift and the Star Maidens through Classmating in the Conception series. Their abilities and status vary depending on the deepened bonds with the Star Maidens, even their maximum levels. But in the gameplay, the Star Children outside battle can take on different roles.
  9. Kazrashakar says:
    Star children are often very gifted in music, art, science, and other creative fields. Most star children shy away from the spotlight and may hide their talent out of fear of exposure. They are typically loners yet are innovators and with encouragement can bring new ideas, new art .

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